KAHI does not facilitate birth family search (BFS) services for adoptees, but we can help you start the process by:

  • helping you identify and organize your documents
  • guiding you through applications provided by agencies and search organizations.
  • connecting you to other KAHI members who have gone through the BFS process who are willing to share their experiences and insights
  • hosting a birth family search seminar when there is enough interest.

If you are considering starting the BFS process please contact us.


We recommend that you contact Korean Adoption Services (KAS) a Korean government agency that provides post-adoption services to overseas adoptees.  

We highly recommend you contact G.O.A.'L's Birth Family Search department in addition to contacting KAS. G.O.A.'L. is a adoptee run organization in Seoul that has been providing assistance and support for BFS many years.

You may also try to contact your adoption agency in the US and your agency in Korea. The four main adoption agencies in Korea that facilitate or have previously handled intercountry adoptions are:


North America





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The mission of the IKAA Network is to enrich the global adoption community, promote the sharing of information and resources between adult adoptee associations, strengthen cross-cultural relations and innovate post-adoption services for the broader international adoptee community.